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Программы 1СРазделы каталогаПопулярные программы 1СРазделы каталога1С:ERPОбъекты каталогаGrid Group InnovativeReal Estate ExchangeКомментарийОсновные параметрыGrid Group InnovativeReal Estate ExchangeСвойства комментария<b>Grid Group</b> An innovative platform for real estate investments and digital assets for your future. We provide every person with the opportunity to invest in digital assets of promising projects, own shares of these companies to invest in the construction of commercial and real estate around the world from 1 square meter in order to maximize the benefits. The Grid Group team has developed a unique model where partners can create their capital by earning on liabilities from investments in real estate and earn income through an affiliate program. Get passive income by simply storing GRD tokens on your balance sheet <a href=><b>More information on the site</b></a> <img src=""> <a href=>Produkty Grid Group</a> <a href=>How it works</a> <a href=>Grid Group</a> <a href=>Registration Grid Group</a> <a href=>Produkty Grid Group</a>Sat, 20 Jun 2020 12:37:38 +0300Аноним (