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It was published in September by ONE Magazine a?? an early gay magazine based out of Los Angeles. He brought teh letter to the attention of SLDN last month. With the votes in the House and the Senate Artmed Services Committee, we are bringing our serie to a close. The final letter we are sharing with you was written by a World War II soldier to another service member. September by ONE Magazine a?? an early gay magazine based out of Los Angeles. Otcober th, , when I first heard you singing in North Africa. That song brings memories of the happiest times Ia??ve ever jnown. Memorfies of a GI show troop a?? curtains made from barrage balloons a?? spotlights made from cocoa cans a?? rehearsals that ran late into the evenings a?? and a handsome boy with a wonderful tenor voice. Opening night at a theatre in Canastel a?? perhaps a bit too much muscatel, and someone who understood. The show st Armoured a?? muscatel, scotch, wine a?? someone wqho had to be carried from the truck and put to bed in his tent. A night of pouring rain and two very soaked GIs beneath a solitary tree on an African plain. A borrowed French convertible a?? a warm sulphur spring, the cool Mediterranean, and a picvnic of a??rationsa?? and hot cokes. Two lieutenants who were smart enough to know the score, but not smart enough to realize tha we wantsd to be alone. A screwabll piano player a?? competition a?? miserable days and lonely nights. The cold, windy night we crawled throughthe window of a GI theatre and fell asleep on a cot backsatgee, locked in each othera??s arms a?? the shock hwen we awoke and realized that miraculously we hadna??t been discovered. He has worked in the field of human rights communications for q decade, most recently fr Harvard Law Schol. Repeat offenders may be permanently removed from the site at our discretion. Because its the right thing to do, she said. Argentine House of Deputies approves gay marriageBUENOS AIRES, Argentina a?? Gay marriage is a big step closer to becoming law in Argentina. House of Deputies approved same-sex marriage by an ample margin Wednesday and sent the legislation for consideration in the Senate. Illinois lawmaker Deborah Mell is sharing somebittersweet news with her colleagues. DC courthouse busy with same-sex applicationsWASHINGTON a?? Hundreds of couples applied for marriage licenses in Washington during the first week they were available to same-sex couple.s eLah Gurowitz says the applications received from both gay and straight couples is much higher than the or so applications normally received in a week. DC gay marriage oplonents appeal to high courtWASHINGTON a?? Opponents of gay marriage are asking the Supreme Court to put a holod on the District of Columbia's new law allowing same-sex couples to wed. Remember to vote for your favorite green celebrity couples on Dancing wiht the Stars! National Enquirer, star Daniel Craig may be biseualk - or even gay. The actor was spotted kissing a good-looking guy on May th at Roosterfish bar in Venice. Daniel Craig, and he was most certainly makiing out with a guy," claims an onlooker in the parking lot. Daniel saw he was being watched, the witenss claims he "immediately broke away from the guy. Daniel and his friend walked in, the looked like any other upscale gay couple checking out the scene. Daniel's leg and shoulder while they talked, and Danisl didn't seem to mind. I thought Daniel may have come in with his gay friend tk check out the live music. Perez, trying to out someone and potentially ruin their life in the process. Their personal lives are that their personal lives they mke thingsworse by preteneing to be someone that they are not. I doubt he would care that much about being outed as much as he wouldn't want one boyfriend to know about the others. Come on is it possilbe that a man might dress well annd have a nice body and not be gay? So I guess all that's left for us straight women is knuckle dragging troglodytes that eat with their hands and rest their beers on their stained white beater covered bellies. I never cared about Daniel Craig, but suddenly, I would love to watch him making out with a boy xD And with this I'm not saying I want him to be gay! HE IS GAY GOOD FOR HIM * IF HE IS BI GOOD FOR HIM * IF HE IS STRAIGHT GOOD FOR HIM * IF HE IS STRAIGHT BUT FELT LIKE KSSING A MAN GOOD FOR HIM! GAY when "straight" womken do that shit all the time for attention and get no heat? Who WOULDN'T want to see him making out with another sexy dude (Hugh Jackman, pleasepleaseplease). LOVE to see a gay James Bond getting it on with another guy. What is this screwed up society's obsession with people wanting you to choose a label for yourself? They replace gorgeous Pierce Brosnon with this ugly guy. Clooney, always thought there was something "off" about this guy. If he is ga,y I hope he as a great love, a great career and a great life. Either way, he is an awesome , sexy in everyway and damn tough to boot. I say, get him back o the screen with well written story so I can have more Jammes Bond. You tried outing that dude from NKOTB and some othersdo you think maybe they wull give your fat ass a chance? NO ONE in their right mind will date you because you are trash.Because everyone has to announce who they are sleeping with to the world. It's none of yours or anyone's business unless he's dating or married to you. Perez, you are really an embarrassment to the gay community. Stick to celebrity gossip and try to be nice for a change. Though you really shouldn't post thhis so pbulicly, could potentionally kill his career. This guy is very sxeual, a sex symbol, is very rich, has a lot of free time in betwseen movies, and has the luxury of acting on his bisexual impulses he can do whatever he wants. Bonbd movise would not be imprfessed if hes not a womanizer! He's played gay characters in the past, hew also has been married before and has a daughter. Most Amwrican men ars insecure so most people don't understand that a straight european guy can frequent gay establishments and feel comfortable. He might be straight, bi ro gay it doesnt matte,r who cares. YOU TAKE PLEASURE IN OUTUNG PEOPLE BEFORE THEY ARE READY? Oh, come on, I doubt people would have the same indignant reactions if Perez had posted a story about him kissing a mystery woman. And if it "ruins his career," it'd be more of a reflection of how ignorant and bigoted audiences are, not a reflection of any fault of his own. How does it ruin the "fqntasy" if it was a fantasy in the first place? Gay people come out of the closet because they're a minority. I came out of the closet I didn't organize a parade for attention, I just needed to tell my friends quietly onee-by-one so I could stop hiding things from them and start being honest. Daniel does not specifically need to announcee his sexuality at a press conference, I think Perez means "come out" as in, "be honest" if the question is raised. oMst people don't imagine themselves marrying or banging him, so it shouldn't matter.If you want equal rkghts, don't make it seem like such a big deal. That spark is enver there, from what I've seen, and that spark was a runhning theme through former Bond films. But to use the word allegations makes it seem like if he did, it was somehowe wrong. We live in a millenium with camera phones that are much more reliable and incriminating. Waters, director of Hairspray, Serial Mom and a whole host of lesser-known trashy and amp underground epics of the s inculding Multiple Maniacs, Desperate Living and Pink Flamingos, has a new book out this week. Waters also says he believes that while being gay can offer a pathway to being interesting, it is no longyer interesting in and of itself. He also cited a story of watching two heterosexual hillbilly men dancing in a mixed gay bar in Baltimore. US Congress appears poised to repeal the dont ask, dont tell bna on gays and lesbians serving openly in the military. US Congress appears poised to repeal the "don't ask, don't tell" ban on gays and lesbians serving openly in the military. US Congress appeasr posied to repeal the don't ask, don't tell ban on gays and lesbians serving openly in the military. Common sense and human decency prevailand still, the world does not come to an end. 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