Original Essentiale N Ampoules

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Программы 1СРазделы каталогаПопулярные программы 1СРазделы каталога1С:ERPОбъекты каталогаOriginal Essentiale N AmpoulesКомментарийОсновные параметрыOriginal Essentiale N AmpoulesСвойства комментарияWe offer Original Essentiale N Ampoules from Sanofi Aventis. Worldwide delivery within 10 days. We accept PayPal! The active substance of is the so-called essential phospholipids (EPL-substance), which are a highly purified fraction of phosphatidylcholine. The determining component of this fraction is dilinoleoylphosphatidylcholine. Essential phospholipids are similar in their chemical structure to endogenous membrane phospholipids, surpassing them in their functional properties due to their high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially linoleic acid. Phospholipids are the main structural elements of cell membranes and organelle. They take part in differentiation, division and regeneration of cells. Please contact us for any details. http://www.usaonlineclassifieds.com/view/item-977174-Essentiale-N-vials-from-Sanofi-Aventis.htmlTue, 22 Sep 2020 15:40:23 +0300Аноним (smirnovaleksandroec@mail.ru)